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Between The Posts is a blog aimed at informing prospective sports industry interns of the opportunities presented to young people in the sports industry. In addition to profiling internship related material, Between The Posts also acts as a snapshot of the day to day interactions that the RiverKings interns face.

This blog will profile various Interns in the Mississippi RiverKings front office, detailing their responsibilities, but also their interests, and their excursions into the Mid-South region. In addition to providing internship related information, Between The Posts also seeks to help sports industry interns gain a better understanding of the industry in which they work, and ultimately hope to build their career. For regular visual updates to what the interns are doing, follow us on Twitter, @RKInterns!

A Little Bit About Us

RiverKings interns hail from a diverse background, boasting many different skill sets and academic fields.

Jake Powell

Jake is a current masters candidate at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN.  Jake received his bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Alabama in December of 2012, and is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration at CBU.  He will Graduate in May of 2016.

Andrew Kiepe

Andrew is a Junior at the University of Memphis, studying Sport and Leisure Management.  Andrew is slated to graduate in May of 2017.

Austin Brown

Austin is a junior at Florida State University, studying Sports Management.  He plans to graduate in 2017, and is looking to pursue his J.D. after he receives his bachelor's degree.

Donnie Shea

Donnie is a senior at the University of Memphis, studying Sports Management.  Donnie intends to graduate with his Bachelor's degree in may of 2016. In his free time, Donnie coaches high school football for Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN.

Prospective Interns

RiverKings hockey is always looking for prospective interns. Detailed information regarding the responsibilities and roles of the interns are listed on the Internships page at riverkings.com. Those looking for a snapshot look into what the interns do on a daily basis can follow us on twitter, with the account @RKInterns. Here, you can see the various opportunities and excursions afforded to the interns.

Holiday Season in Review - Our First Post!

Jake Powell - It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here in Southaven, and what better way to kick off the first of many Between the Posts entries, than talking the successes of the holiday season.    

Running Hard     

Andrew and I have both spent several days in the past couple of weeks out and about in the Mid-South Area. Leading up to the Christmas holiday, we delivered pocket schedules to local businesses (we delivered over 500 small schedule boxes in a few days alone). This trip took us all over the city of Memphis, stopping off in areas like Overton square, University of Memphis/Highland, Cooper Young, Midtown, and downtown Memphis. These efforts were the final leg in our efforts to deliver schedules to all of the local businesses in the area surrounding the Landers Center. Since October, we have visited the cities of Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Hernando, and Southaven, in addition to the trips to Memphis.  

Last week, we accompanied forwards Michael Beaudry and Matt Beer in visiting the Millington YMCA as a part of our RiverKings Read program. The Millington Visit was a valuable lesson in community outreach efforts. We met with Caitlyn Hutchins, Director of Family and Youth programs for YMCA, as a part of our RiverKings Read Program. RiverKings Read is a program established with the goal of fostering strong educational values in local youth. By visiting children's groups and encouraging them to read, and reading to the kids, the players, who are seen by many as role models, can have a tremendous effect on the community. The Children who participated received a ticket to the game, which in turn, helps to stimulate ticket sales for the organization.

 The following day, Andrew visited the Arlington YCARE program with Defenseman Sam Higgins and newly signed goaltender Garrett Sheehan, bringing with them hockey sticks and nets for the kids to learn to play. Andrew wrote that his experience taught him the importance brand recognition within the community, not only at the business level, but also in appealing to local community organizations. Andrew also places emphasis on nurturing the younger generations. He understands that community presence is a lifeline for an organization like the RiverKings, not only in the sense that we must attract fans, but also because we must seek to foster constructive values to our local youth.

In short, community development plays a much more dynamic role than we initially thought, touching on sales, as well as our need to foster positive values within the community.  

Game Notes   

December 27th’s “Pay What You Can” game boasted numerous successes. The RiverKings boasted a strong showing to the matinee game, and the interns did their best to contribute to the success. 

Andrew spent nearly half the game in the Landers Center Grand Hall, selling vouchers for "Pay What You Can," so that fans could then redeem them at the box office. 

"It gave me a hands on experience with coordinating the ticketing and promotions side of the organization, while also helping the RiverKings provide the most effective customer service possible." Andrew comments. 

He later later joined Colby and I at the fan services table on the concourse, helping with any fan needs that may have arisen.

I spent the entirety of the game at our fan services table, fielding questions from fans. Before the game, I had the opportunity to escort our national anthem singer down to the ice, something that I have done several times this season. For the duration of the game, in conjunction with Andrew, I helped sign fans up for our post-game skate.  

Midway through the third period, Andrew, Colby and I made our way down to the Ice to prepare for the skate. We watched the remainder of the game (not a bad way to spend the final minutes of a game), and then rented skates to our fans.  

Each game sees a marked improvement in my abilities to interact with fans, and solve problems effectively. As I learn about the organization, I feel more adept at fielding fan questions. In addition, I have had the privilege of meeting some of our season ticket holders, and have begun to build strong interactions with them.

On the Horizon   

The month of January holds quite a bit of action for us. The RiverKings have 8 games on the schedule next month, and we are working diligently to make them all a success.  In the next few days, I will be updating the kids club newsletter, The Icing, for it’s January issue, the first of the new year. Andrew is currently working to encourage our ticket holders to look into our January Mini-Plan ticket promotions. Next month, we will also be receiving our newest intern, Austin Brown. The new year holds lots of opportunity for the RK interns. Keep up with us on twitter and see where we go!

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