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Between The Posts is a blog aimed at informing prospective sports industry interns of the opportunities presented to young people in the sports industry. In addition to profiling internship related material, Between The Posts also acts as a snapshot of the day to day interactions that the RiverKings interns face.

This blog will profile various Interns in the Mississippi RiverKings front office, detailing their responsibilities, but also their interests, and their excursions into the Mid-South region. In addition to providing internship related information, Between The Posts also seeks to help sports industry interns gain a better understanding of the industry in which they work, and ultimately hope to build their career. For regular visual updates to what the interns are doing, follow us on Twitter, @RKInterns!

A Little Bit About Us

RiverKings interns hail from a diverse background, boasting many different skill sets and academic fields.

Jake Powell

Jake is a current masters candidate at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN.  Jake received his bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Alabama in December of 2012, and is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration at CBU.  He will Graduate in May of 2016.

Andrew Kiepe

Andrew is a Junior at the University of Memphis, studying Sport and Leisure Management.  Andrew is slated to graduate in May of 2017.

Austin Brown

Austin is a junior at Florida State University, studying Sports Management.  He plans to graduate in 2017, and is looking to pursue his J.D. after he receives his bachelor's degree.

Donnie Shea

Donnie is a senior at the University of Memphis, studying Sports Management.  Donnie intends to graduate with his Bachelor's degree in may of 2016. In his free time, Donnie coaches high school football for Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN.

Prospective Interns

RiverKings hockey is always looking for prospective interns. Detailed information regarding the responsibilities and roles of the interns are listed on the Internships page at riverkings.com. Those looking for a snapshot look into what the interns do on a daily basis can follow us on twitter, with the account @RKInterns. Here, you can see the various opportunities and excursions afforded to the interns.

Pieces of the Puzzle

Hey Guys,

This is Andrew Kiepe, or Beans as I'm known around here. I know if you're reading this and are an interested Intern, you might think that just because you're going to graduate with a college degree means you know everything. I can relate to that, because I was just like that. I thought that a piece a paper was all I needed to start a career. I have now been interning with the RiverKings for four months, and I can honestly say that is not the case. 

First Few Weeks in the Office... What did I get myself into?

Honestly, my first day in the office I thought that I would come in and be given some awesome job to work on. Instead I sat there awkwardly, because I instantly new that I did not know jack crap. Not only was I intimidated out of my mind, I was given, what I originally saw as, a meaningless task to make the time go by. The next day I started organizing season ticket and flex will calls for opening day. I honestly thought in my mind that this is completely stupid. After, all that "excitement" I was told to start stuffing boxes with pocket schedules to pass around Southaven and surrounding areas.

I questioned every day why was I here. I thought, "man I could do something more productive somewhere else." It wasn't until Jake and I started to get close to finish passing out these schedules did I realize what I had been doing. I had been working on a grassroots marketing campaign. I got to the point that I started to see the RiverKings name everywhere. I told Jake, "bro, we did this."

Why? Why? Why?

If I had a dollar for every time I have said why over the past four months I would have my tuition paid for. I found myself confused to why I needed to know so much stuff. I thought it was silly to have all the ticket prices memorized. I kept hearing myself saying. but.... why? Like why do I have to constantly organize these ticket vouchers? Why am I constantly making spreadsheets? It has been a constant whirlwind of me saying why. 

Oh! Okay, I see.

I have now worked 14 home games. It wasn't until like game 10 that I started to realize what I had been doing actually related. I am slowly seeing myself saying, Oh! okay, I see.

When to be Serious

If there is one thing to know about me is that I joke way too much. I am always coming up with some of the cheesiest puns. I find myself making way too many "nailed it" references from Parks and Rec. Now that I'm in a professional setting I have been realizing that there is time to kid and there is a time to be serious. This, at the end of the day, is a professional setting. I know I know. You might think that this is silly to talk about, but its honestly something that has been good for me. 

What Do I Even Do?

I know if you are reading this you might be wondering, "what the heck does Andrew even do?" I have the title Customer Service Intern, which is pretty much the title everyone has if they are a intern. Does this mean all I do is deal with stuff the bosses don't want to do? Nope. It means I have a generic title. I have done everything from small things like filling papers to being the RiverKings liaison in the Box Office, which is no easy task.

I have also started doing sales calls, which has been a massive learning curve. I have fumbled and fumbled on the phone, but now I have gotten to the point where I have made several small sales. Then, I made a group sale. Crazy? Right! I had a group over twenty come! But not everything ends with my hanging the phone up with me standing on the chair doing fist bumps, because then comes the customer service part. I had a fan approach me with a massive complaint at our game the following night. He was at the point where I could see the veins in his neck (yup, I about pooped myself, but I held tight). I just rolled through the situation and the same fan came and thanked me for letting him vent the next day. 

Every Day is a New Lesson

I can look back to my first day and say that every day I come into the office I learn something new. I learn new skills and take on things I normally wouldn't of been confident enough to have done (like writing this blog. Only took 3 edits!). I look forward to the rest of the season and telling you about my experiences. I feel as if this Internship is like a puzzle and I'm given a new piece every day. Now, I am starting to see the big picture. 

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