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Between The Posts is a blog aimed at informing prospective sports industry interns of the opportunities presented to young people in the sports industry. In addition to profiling internship related material, Between The Posts also acts as a snapshot of the day to day interactions that the RiverKings interns face.

This blog will profile various Interns in the Mississippi RiverKings front office, detailing their responsibilities, but also their interests, and their excursions into the Mid-South region. In addition to providing internship related information, Between The Posts also seeks to help sports industry interns gain a better understanding of the industry in which they work, and ultimately hope to build their career. For regular visual updates to what the interns are doing, follow us on Twitter, @RKInterns!

A Little Bit About Us

RiverKings interns hail from a diverse background, boasting many different skill sets and academic fields.

Jake Powell

Jake is a current masters candidate at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN.  Jake received his bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Alabama in December of 2012, and is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration at CBU.  He will Graduate in May of 2016.

Andrew Kiepe

Andrew is a Junior at the University of Memphis, studying Sport and Leisure Management.  Andrew is slated to graduate in May of 2017.

Austin Brown

Austin is a junior at Florida State University, studying Sports Management.  He plans to graduate in 2017, and is looking to pursue his J.D. after he receives his bachelor's degree.

Donnie Shea

Donnie is a senior at the University of Memphis, studying Sports Management.  Donnie intends to graduate with his Bachelor's degree in may of 2016. In his free time, Donnie coaches high school football for Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN.

Prospective Interns

RiverKings hockey is always looking for prospective interns. Detailed information regarding the responsibilities and roles of the interns are listed on the Internships page at riverkings.com. Those looking for a snapshot look into what the interns do on a daily basis can follow us on twitter, with the account @RKInterns. Here, you can see the various opportunities and excursions afforded to the interns.

Back at it Again

Hey guys, Its Andrew back at it again with the blog. It has been a while since I last wrote about my experiences. It has been a jam-packed last few months. I have been dealing with day-to-day operations as usual and more!

Post-Spring Break

I probably should back up from after spring break. I was allowed to take a nice little vacation during that time period. Once I got back It was time to get back to business. We had an amazing first game back from spring break in which the RiverKings won in a shootout. After that game, the fun part was about to hit. We had three games in a four-day span. During that time, we have been busy during the games servicing season ticket holders renewals. The great thing for Season Ticket Holder who renew with a fifty dollar deposit are given free playoff tickets! I was also assisting Colby in finding all the season ticket holders t-shirt sizes for a complimentary t-shirt for being loyal fans. 


I have now been given the opportunity to assist Colby with our end of the year ticket audit. I have been counting redeemed coupons, flex packages, corporate packages, and season tickets. I have actually really enjoyed this part. I have now been able to see the ticketing process from pre-season all the way to the end of the season. It has been a great learning experience for me to see how tickets are purchased, classed in Ticketmaster, put in will-call, scanned on game-days, and then given back to me for the RiverKings end of year evaluations. 


Is it really April 1st? It feels like just yesterday that I started my first day here. It is crazy to think that I have now worked 26 of the 28 home games. This has been a great experience so far. Depending on the schedule I am not sure if I will be writing to you guys again. If you are a college student trying to decide if you should apply for this internship I advise you to do it. I'm not going to lie. This is not an easy job, but if you come in willing to work hard it will be one of the most rewarding things you can do. I have seen so many doors open up since taking this position. I look forward to the last two games and the playoffs. 

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