Dad's Day with Derek Landmesser

SOUTHAVEN, Miss –  Entering his 6th season coaching the RiverKings, Head Coach Derek Landmesser can be known as a stern, detail oriented, taskmaster behind the bench. His leadership and coaching have created a level of consistency in the RiverKings organization that’s hard to match. Behind Landmesser’s tutelage, the RiverKings have made the SPHL postseason in every season since the former RiverKings player signed on as Head Coach in 2011.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it brings to mind what the home life is like for a father of three daughters. In his words it’s quite simple:

“At home, I’m just ‘Dad.' I’m the clown; I love to laugh and have fun. I’m different at home than I am at work.”

So who are the wonderful girls that Coach comes back to after a day at the office? There’s 14-year-old Megan who’s the perfectionist according to her dad, the bubbly 12-year-old Sarah, and the nine-year-old Rachel who is dubbed as the wild child according to Landmesser, a trait he says comes from her Dad. Despite their differences, there’s one thing that all the girls share, and that’s their loving and affectionate nature. According to Coach Landmesser,

“Girls are more affectionate than boys, I think. When I come home from work, the girls run up to me to give me a hug. I don’t know many boys their age that would do that”.

On the other side, for a man who’s spent a good portion of the last 20+ years with a bunch of men in locker rooms across the country and in all levels of hockey, it’s easy to wonder if Coach ever feels outnumbered in a home with three growing girls.

“100%, ” Landmesser said but even despite that, he wouldn’t have it any other way, because deep down his girls and wife Tammy are his biggest fans. “They don’t miss a home game unless they’re out of town. It’s a night out for them, they get to dress-up and come to the arena and talk with the ushers and front office staff.”

Although rare, the main reason the girls would miss a game is that all three are deeply involved in competitive cheering.

“Our season’s run at the same time, so I don’t get to see that as much as I’d like” Landmesser relented “Things are different today than years ago. So since I can’t see as much as I want, I get to talk to them every night now, when back then there were no cell phones. When I was playing, I’d have to wait to get to the hotel to call Tammy, or use a pay phone.”

With the time apart, it only makes the time the Landmesser family spends together even more significant. Especially in the down times, like now, during the off-season.

“Just last night, I was at home and had one daughter on this knee and another daughter on the other knee, just watching TV.”

It’s something that Coach Landmesser wouldn’t trade for the world. He’s the #1 Dad in the Landmesser family, and #1 Dad in the RiverKings family as well.

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