RiverKings Readers

RiverKings Readers

The RiverKings Readers program, presented by Belhaven University, promotes education and reading habits among children in area schools and will run from October 1 to March 1. Each participating student will receive a RiverKings Readers bookmark and each classroom/school that signs up will receive a RiverKings hockey player cutout, used to track reading results.

Each month students will receive a log to keep track of the minutes they read. Teachers will track the hours read by their students by using the RiverKings hockey player cutout. Classrooms/schools reaching a monthly goal of 50 hours read will be entered into a drawing for a RiverKings player visit and the winning classroom will be recognized at a RiverKings home game.

Classrooms and schools can set appropriate goals for the year and then use the player cutout to track their students' progress to those goals. The player's stick is designed to be colored in as goals are achieved. Schools that reach their goals at the end of the program will be entered for a chance to win a RiverKings party and all schools who reach their goals will receive in-game recognition.

In the first year of the program over 8,000 students participated and the program helped facilitate over 160,000 hours of reading in our local schools.

Teachers interested in signing up their students for RiverKings Readers can contact Zach Robinson by filling out the form below or by emailing zachary@riverkings.com.

RiverKings players Andrew Randazzo (left) and Devin Mantha (right) visit Bethel Grove Elementary on Jan. 20 as a reward for the RiverKings Readers program.

RiverKings players Reid Campbell (left) and Ryan Marcuz (right) present a certificate to Horn Lake Intermediate Feb. 4 after they won a visit for winning a month of RiverKings Readers.

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x COL Columbus 56 22 30 4 48
RKE Roanoke 56 17 30 9 43
EVV Evansville 56 14 32 10 38
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